List Of Good Dissertation Ideas For Your Project On Human Biology

A dissertation in Human Biology can demonstrate your eligibility for the award of a qualification as well as can be used to present your research findings. Although a dissertation is most commonly associated with Ph.D. or master's courses, it has now become common for students to write one as a part of their undergraduate course.

Steps to Carry Out a Strong Paper on Human Biology

  1. Picking a title.
  2. It is recommended to consult your tutor when choosing a title for you project as well as to check whether:

    • The topic interests you.
    • The topic is challenging enough.
    • You have any relevant lab experience.
  3. Literature review.
  4. Many educational institutions insist on revising the literature before any practical writing. Check all the possible sources for published and/or electronic works on the subject of your project. It should also provide a full reference list with clear formatting.

  5. Follow the structure guidelines.
  6. While many educational institutions outline the style of a research project by imposing font size, typeface, line spacing, and other restrictions, the structure of a paper has to include the following sections:

    • Abstract.
    • This is a single page briefly describing the aims and the findings of your project.

    • Contents page.
    • Make sure it indicates all the sections and the subsections of your project.

    • Introduction.
    • This section sets out the aims and the objectives of your research as well as contains some relevant works citations.

    • Materials and methods.
    • In this section, you should present some clear and detailed descriptions of your scientific research so that your experience could be replicated by readers.

    • Results.
    • This part usually contains tables and diagrams indicating the results of your research in the form of statistical analyses.

    • Discussion.
    • In here, you present the conclusions driven from your results.

    • References.
    • This chapter contains full references, including titles of papers, you have used for your research.

    • Appendices.
    • This chapter is not obligatory and should be written when there‚Äôs some additional data which, you think, might be useful for your research.

15 Interesting Human Biology Research Topics

  1. Human phobias: scientific ways of dealing with them
  2. Sickle cell anemia as a genetic disease.
  3. Vaccines and autism in infants.
  4. Ebola virus as a biological weapon.
  5. Effects of abortions on future pregnancies.
  6. Obesity: genetic factors causing the excessive weight issues.
  7. Alternative medicines: pros and cons.
  8. Could out modern environment cause cancer?
  9. Researching meningitis: a continuous puzzle.
  10. Current strategies and research studies on Human Biology.
  11. Sleeping disorders.
  12. Biological nature of hypnosis.
  13. Introducing nanotechnologies into Human Biology.
  14. Health effects of birth control pills.
  15. Biological theories of human appearance.

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